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About Me

I was born in Hastings, MN and moved when I was 3 to Hayward, WI. It is a small town which I did love as I was growing up getting to be on lakes fishing and boating most days. School was the area I had trouble with because I had a hard time believing what they taught was helpful for my future which caused me to butt heads with some teachers and come off lazy for some too.  As I graduated I still had those thoughts that there had to be more than just getting a job and working till 60 years old for some company to finally be able to do things I wanted in life.  

After working in several job fields I knew I needed something more than what any job could provide me. My first steps into being an entrepreneur was in Amway. Amway I tried for a few years and couldn’t get any traction going.  I really didn’t like going out every night to meet new people and calling them to see if they were interested in joining Amway. The constant cold contacting and never getting results was a learning experience. This was starting the building blocks for what I would end up choosing which was affiliate marketing .

With affiliate marketing I was able to start it even with a full time job working 50+ hours a week and raising two kids with my wife. I did have to put work into it, burning up my sleep hours to get it up and running, but with the help of my awesome mentors, I’ve learned how to make a profitable online business.  It has been able to open up many opportunities, allowing new ways to make wealth and allowing me to buy back my time so I can enjoy more time with my amazing family and loving and supporting wife. 

With the extra time I got back I use it now to help others learn the things I learned from my mentors. I help them to become profitable online and get back their time as well.

And I would love to help you Too!